Hi! My name is Rea.

I will be running the blog now, ince the last owner wanted to give it over to someone. I hope you guys don’t mind that. I’ll be getting to making confessions soon, I promise! :) I’m really excited to get started! I just wanted to let you guys know and to introduce myself. If you have any questions, obviously the ask box is open, so ask away!

Would someone like to take over this blog? I have about 3 others I need to keep up with, just send me an ask :)

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I cant stand when “fans” say they dont like or just plain hate Kevin!”

Note: Yep. This gets on my nerves too!!!

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My day has been made because I found this blog. I can't even describe my happiness <3

Aww, I’m glad. :) Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I’ve been super busy!

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"In the future the boys should work again with Matt McDermitt - he did an amazing job directing the music video for I Still…"


REBLOG, if they were your first love <3

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"Sometimes I feel that some Nick Carter fans think of it as ‘Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys’"

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you are doing an amazing job <3 KTBSPA

Aww, thank you! :D sorry I haven’t answered, finals and such :/

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I just want you guys to know, if you guys ever want to ask me anything, feel free to. I know it may seem weird someone new taking over, but please, don’t be afraid to talk to me. :)

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