Hi! My name is Rea.

I will be running the blog now, ince the last owner wanted to give it over to someone. I hope you guys don’t mind that. I’ll be getting to making confessions soon, I promise! :) I’m really excited to get started! I just wanted to let you guys know and to introduce myself. If you have any questions, obviously the ask box is open, so ask away!

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Would someone like to take over this blog? I have about 3 others I need to keep up with, just send me an ask :)

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I cant stand when “fans” say they dont like or just plain hate Kevin!”

Note: Yep. This gets on my nerves too!!!

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My day has been made because I found this blog. I can't even describe my happiness <3

Aww, I’m glad. :) Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I’ve been super busy!

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"In the future the boys should work again with Matt McDermitt - he did an amazing job directing the music video for I Still…"


REBLOG, if they were your first love <3

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"Sometimes I feel that some Nick Carter fans think of it as ‘Nick Carter and the Backstreet Boys’"

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you are doing an amazing job <3 KTBSPA

Aww, thank you! :D sorry I haven’t answered, finals and such :/

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I just want you guys to know, if you guys ever want to ask me anything, feel free to. I know it may seem weird someone new taking over, but please, don’t be afraid to talk to me. :)

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